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The Heart of the Story with Gary Metivier

Positive, inspiring stories of everyday people doing cool stuff.

Jul 19, 2020

Holly is gearing up for another big event. She has been around tractor pulls for some time, but now she is in one--driving for the Bad Company team. The organizer puts this event on for charity. He shares why this high-powered event really touches his heart. Buckle up. You are in for a wild ride on this special American Drive on The Heart of the Story with Gary Metivier.

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Edited By Ryan Beintema @rbp7

Executive Producer/Host Gary Metivier Find us on facebook Original Score by Roger Metivier

Additional camera work by Caleb Beintema and Adam Metivier Thanks to our sponsors for this story—

IITI Taylor Insulation and Abatement

Paustain Concrete

Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds Davenport, Iowa